8th May 2013

We are tied up to the jetty in front of the United Serviceman's Club, Laurieton on the Camden Haven River together with Kirra Kirra a Seawind 1160 which has in fact changed our attitude toward Seawind Catamarans. Lea and I both like the internal layout and set up of the boat. We have travelled in company with John and Jo on Kirra Kirra since leaving Port Stephens. But more of that later. Back now to fill in the last few weeks since my last post.


Saturday 20th April

Dreadful day with lots of wind and rain. Finally got off the boat late afternoon and I went for a walk up to Rozelle while Lea tried a run for the first time in ages in an attempt to clear out the last of the bug still hanging on.

Sunday 21st April

Perfect weather again with warm sunshine and no wind. Went across to Birkenhead Marina and got a 3 hour shopping berth for $20.00 to re provision. As usual spent more on booze than food but we are now well stocked with the heavy stuff as access to the boat from the shopping centre is so easy here.

Moved up the harbour to Vaucluse Bay but too rolly. Tried again at Store Beach and settled for the night even though the remnants of the big SE swell were still working into the anchorage. Quick SUP before dinner.

Monday 22nd April

Moved to Manly and went back to the Chiropractor. My neck is still giving me some grief. Picked up a few clothes and books from the Salvos to give as gifts in the islands.

Met up with Martyn and Jude, friends of Greg and Janie's, and went over to their boat for early sundowners. Had a good look over their magnificent Fontaine Pajot 60 foot cat. Does'nt look that big from the outside but she is huge inside and beautifully laid out.

After dinner we went across to Atea with bottle of red and said our goodbyes to John and Kia. We have met some lovely people in Sydney and had a fabulous time.

Tuesday 23rd April

Brilliant sail to Pittwater. 12-18 Southwesterly. Full sail scooting along at 7-9 knots with many runs over 10 and a top speed for the day of 14 knots. Picked up a mooring in the Coasters Retreat just before lunch time.

Took the SUP's out and paddled across to the Basin and explored for the afternoon.

Wednesday 24th April

Moved round to Morning Bay off Towlers Bay to recharge the batteries and the scenery. Calm and sunny again so off on the SUP's again over to Scotland Island to check out a funny looking multihull over there. Turned out to be a Proa about 60 feet long. Didn't seem a very practical sort of boat to me. Pittwater is full of large jelly fish. We used to get a lot in the Gippsland Lakes back home but we haven't seen them for years. Know why now. They have all emigrated to Pittwater.

Thursday 25th April Anzac Day

Picked up Roelof and Amanda from Royal Motor Yacht Club jetty and had a great day with them exploring The waterfalls above America Bay. Roelof led the girls astray through some burnt out area and they got covered in black soot. I stayed clean until Amanda decided to share.


It was a Beautiful day again and we enjoyed catching up with Roelof and meeting Amanda. We finished the day with a BBQ onboard under a glowing full moon.

Friday 26th April

After a quick visit to Barrenjoey Head we headed across to Patonga Beach. That afternoon we did a walk to Pearl Bay.

The whole of Broken Bay was like a millpond.

Later that afternoon we had a go at paddling the SUP's up Patonga creek but the ebb tide flow was too strong so we agreed to try again with a flooding tide some time.

Saturday 27th April

Up early and off to Brooklyn. Picked up a courtesy mooring then loaded up the dinghy for a day up the Hawksbury River.

The river was much bigger and broader than we expected and again full of jellyfish. We went as far as Berowa Point which was just lovely and we enjoyed a nice lunch at the waterfront restaurant there. Picked up the Great North Track and went a little way along it to stretch the legs. Then back to GL, folded the washing and headed back to Patonga Beach.

Sunday 28th April

Morning SUP up the Patonga Creek just before high tide.

Lazy afternoon with a beach walk and a swim

I am going to post this now as the iPad and blogging software can't cope with big posts so I have to split it up