2nd April 2013

Still beautiful weather but a Southerly change was forecast so we moved across to Balmoral Beach. Messed up the anchoring by ending up too close to our neighbour so did it all again. Went ashore and walked all around Middle Head. We walked straight up the hill from Balmoral Beach and came out at the old Army Hospital and Barracks behind Georges Head. We then explored the old gun emplacements. 6 large circular gun pits with interconnecting tunnels.

We followed the walking track toward Middle Head itself and came across more guns and fortifications.

Arrived at Middle Head to find another big old military complex and stunning views over the Harbour Entrance. It was also very popular with local artists. We were told some of the iron doored alcoves were last as “Tiger Cages” used in training special ops forces headed for Vietnam in torture resistance.


We walked back via Cobblers Beach the local nudist beach but nothing of note was on show. The few bare bums made us uncomfortable so we quickly went back up the track. Returned to Balmoral and the boat down the long staircase along the boundary of HMAS Penguin. Back to the boat to find the wind had changed and we were too close to another boat. A quick re anchor and then a swim. I scraped off the little barnacles beginning to grow on the Props.

3rd April 2013

Poured with rain overnight and we had left the plug in the dinghy. Lea was very excited to have lots of fresh water to wash with. Drying everything was an issue with the aft covers going up and down all day between rain showers. We then had an “office” day and caught up with finances and BAS statements. Lea starting to come down with a dry cough.

4th April 2013

More rain! We moved on in one of the breaks and had a look at Grotto Point as we left Balmoral.


We had a bit of a sail under Screecher up the Harbour but the rain soon blanketed the wind so we continued under motor up to Blackwattle Bay, arriving in a heavy downpour. The Fish Market Marina we have used in the past was empty but the notices stated a charge of $10.00 per hour or $150.00 per night and the marina looked very run down. We attempted to anchor in the crowded Blackwattle anchorage but after picking up a large chunk of sandstone and ending up too close to other boats we gave up after 3 attempts. Round into Rozelle Bay and we plonked ourselves right in the middle of this also crowded anchorage. There was no wind and all the boats were lying in different direction making it very hard to judge where to go. Still too close to other boats and anchor not set well we gave up and went around to the head of Rozelle Bay and found a great spot in front of the Bicentennial Gardens with our own landing pontoon and easy access to the Light Rail System. As long as you didn't look behind to see the veritable junk yard of old boats it was very pleasant.

We took our raincoats and went for a late afternoon walk all around Glebe. Great parks and walking track. Noted the sewage aqueduct high overhead and followed the storm water canal before heading back down to Blackwattle Bay via the main street of Glebe. Back at the dinghy we had a look at the catamarans in the nearby marina and saw “Inforapenny2” another Lightwave 45 now for sale as well as “Richocet” a modified Farrier 40( now 47) with every high tech gizmo possible to put on a boat.

Friday 5th April

The rain had stopped so we opened up the boat to air. Both us coughing now as the bug has got us. We headed into the city after lunch via the nearby Light Rail. Wandered around through Hyde Park then down to the Botanical Gardens which Lea had never visited before. Went through the NSW Art Gallery then had coffee and hot cross buns in a lovely old arcade.

St Mary's in Hyde Park was beautiful.

We met Greg and Janie at the “Laugh Garage” for an evening of drinks, pizza and comedy. A great night was had. Sam MacCool was excellent and as usual Greg couldn't keep his mouth shut so he got picked on all night, which suited Greg just fine as he loves that sort of thing. Made some new friends Russell and Sandy but we left early. Greg and Janie were not well the next day as they had hit the town to party some more.

Saturday 6th April

We were invited over to the neighbouring marina as they were having a sales open for inspection day. I couldn't resist a sticky beak at “Ricochet”. I have been watching this boat on the market for a few years. It is an awesome machine with all the high tech gadgetry you could dream of. We wouldn't swap her for GL but she was impressive (and she is a bargain) I don't think she would be as practical and as good as what we have got for live-aboard cruising. Inforapenny 2 looks in great condition after her circumnavigation but lacks personality inside.

Moved back to Iron Cove opposite BirkenHead shopping centre.

We walked all the way around Iron Cove trying to shake off the bug. It is a great track for walking, running or cycling. Tried to sweat out the bug with a hot chilli casserole followed by an early night.