Saturday 23rd march

Up early and off to catch the last of the ebb tide out of Jervis Bay just behind Kintail. The early morning light was fantastic on the cliffs of Point Perpendicular as we sailed past.

The wind came in and we took off under full Main and Spinnaker fighting the current all the way. Around Shoalhaven the wind picked up and we hit 14.4 knots as the wind gusted over 20knots true. Our rule is 20 knots max for the Spinnaker so down it came after that bit of excitement. Unfortunately, the wind soon came down as well ( as per forecast for once). The wind soon started backing to the south then south east. Again we managed about half our days journey under sail alone before having to start a motor. We crawled along the coast to stay out of the current but finally had to drop all sail about 12 Nm short of Port Hacking as the wind backed all the way to the NE. We arrived at Jibbon Beach about 1800 hours after sailing(motoring) 84.3 Nm to achieve 66Nm as the crow flies. The anchorage was packed with noisy holiday makers. Kintail finally got in around 9.00pm.

We celebrated Tom and Rachael's wedding with a bottle of Champagne and then crashed

Sunday 24th march

Beautiful hot day, lots of traffic to and from the beach. We went ashore and had a lovely walk around Hacking Point then coffee aboard Kintail with Peter and Julie. Kintail is a 45 foot classic Huon Pine sloop returning from the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart. Peter is a Solicitor and Julie a concert violinist with the SSO. They came over for drinks on GL that afternoon as the crowds all went home.

Monday 25th March

Expecting the forecast light winds we left Jibbon Beach with a full Main only to find it blowing 25 knots and rough outside the shelter of the headland. We had a wild ride for a while at 9-12knots but it was taking us out to sea and into stronger winds so we rounded up, dumped the Main, and proceeded at a much more sedate 7-8 knots under Screecher alone in the direction we wanted. The wind died as we reached Sydney Harbour and again a motor was needed to complete the journey.

We dropped anchor in one of our favourite Sydney places, Collins Bay with its beautiful beach and steps down to the water.


Our friends Rob and Henma, currently house sitting in Sydney came down to join us for a cuppa, after watching our entrance to the harbour from North Head, and invited us back to their place for lunch tomorrow with BYO washing. We spent the afternoon swimming and putting length markers on the anchor chain.

Tuesday 26th March

Moved over to Manly Beach and dinghied ashore. Rob picked us and our washing up and gave us the grand tour of Curl Curl before taking us to their place. After a cuppa, leaving Lea, Henma and the washing, Rob and I took off to the the local shopping mall to get a sim card for my dongle and 6 padlocks. Padlocks were easy but it turned out I needed a whole new dongle and that took ages as even in the Telstra Shop computer says either no or slow. Anyway we returned fully secure and ready to be plugged in and connected.

Lunch was fantastic and we were joined by Greg and Janie from Skeddadle our partners for the New Cal trip. Rob and Henma put on a great feast for us and we all had a great time. As we had all imbibed a little we, and our now clean and dried washing, caught the bus back to Manly. The follow up was a great meal at a little Italian Restaurant in Manly, LeGondolier I think.

Wednesday 27th March

Met David and Heather from Billyana. They were keen to talk catamarans but had to rush off chasing a new water pump so they suggested we join them up in Jerusalem Bay, Pittwater for Easter as the CCCA (Coastal Cruising Club of Australia) was having a get together up there and we would be most welcome. Motored up to Iron Cove to join Greg and Janie. Made water on the way. Did not like the look of the filters after that, so decided no more water making inside Sydney Harbour.



Thursday 28th March

Sydney Royal Easter Show with Greg and Janie. Lots of people, lots of food and lots to see but no boat stuff. Show is held at the Olympic site at Home Bush Bay. The facilities here are amazing. Impressed with Sydney's Public Transport system. Dinner back at Balmain Town Hall Hotel.