Friday 15th March 2013

We were expecting to motor sail to Bermagui but the breeze came in and we got 30 Nm out of 50 under spinnaker. Sandy was feeling good and really enjoyed her first pleasant offshore sail and even managed to work below.

Arrived Bermagui 1600 hours and headed up to the pub for dinner with Karen and John plus the crew from Endurance another Geelong boat already in Port. The harbour was full as big seas were forecast as a result of the remnants of tropical cyclone Sandra.

Saturday 16th March

The Bermagui bar had large surf right across it, something we hadn't ever seen before during any of our previous visits. The fishing boats were in and we watched some big tuna being loaded.

We had a lovely walk up to Blue Pool watching the heavy surf roll in. Sandy and Gerry reluctantly departed with Sandy's daughter, Bronwyn who drove from Bairnsdale to pick them up.We had a guided tour over a longliner fishing boat which was really interesting. The restrictions in place mean that if they find a fish such as a Black Marlin on their line they have to cut the dead fish free and let it go. This could mean up to 300 kg per fish is just dumped. There is no way they can control what fish get on the line so this seems such a waste. Same applies to net fishermen. Fisheries have already reduced the number of licenses significantly. You would think there has to be a better way to regulate without such wastage. we also found it interesting that the 2 cleanest and best maintained boats in the Bermagui fishing fleet were crewed by Malaysians. They were clean cut, fit looking young men in neat clothes who seemed to take a real pride in both themselves and their boat. It was a stark contrast to the scruffy look of both boat and crew on other boats.

Sunday 18th April

Quiet day waiting for the weather to moderate. The heavy surf across the bar had disappeared but it was still blowing hard from the SW. Met John and Jo off Kirra Kirra, a Seawind 1150, and enjoyed happy hour for 10 onboard Gemini Lady. We had to swap sides on the jetty as a fishing boat we were rafted up to wanted to leave at 3.00am next morning. Definitely not our preferred wake up time.

Monday 19th April

Time to move on. Got the main ready and had the top batten on deck ready to insert. I accidentally kicked it and it slid all the way down the deck through the new open weave tramps and speared into the clear cold early morning water ending up about 4 meters down and clearly visible ( thank goodness) Time for an early morning dip! Batten retrieved and inserted we departed into the large swell and nice 15knot breeze. Full Main and Screecher followed by the Spinnaker as the wind backed and died. Lea hand steered for a while to coax maximum boat speed from the wind. Managed to sail 30 Nm before an engine had to be started. Had a further brief unassisted sail in the afternoon but finished the day motoring into Jervis Bay through a horrible slop from waves rebounding off the cliffs. Felt like being tossed around in a washing machine.

We arrived at Hole in the Wall just on dusk to find all the moorings taken. We anchored but could not get a good hold in the seagrass. As there was no wind forecast we decided to risk it.

Tuesday 20th March

Neighbouring vessel departed early so we quickly jumped onto the mooring as we were illegally anchored in the sea grass beds. Pottered around the boat. I tried to get the sat phone providing a data link to the laptop. No success there and wasted about $20.00 of airtime trying. Lea finished her book “Brave Girl Eating” a story about anorexia. Weather was starting to improve so we packed our hikers and went ashore to walk around

the southern peninsula including Bowen Island, Murray Beach, Governor Head, then up to the ruins of George's Head Lighthouse and back.


About 15km. Met a friendly local “Allan” who was recovering from an accident with an outboard motor. He is another Seawind owner. We found Jervis Bay infested with Seawind Catamarans.

The George' Head Lighthouse was interesting because it was built in the wrong place ( by a contractor trying to save money) and was confusing to vessels at sea, so it had to be demolished.

The weather improved and was still and hot by late afternoon. Kirra Kirra joined us at Hole in the Wall and we had a quick catch up on the way back to the boat

Wednesday 20th March

The forecast was predicting strong Northerly's so we headed north up to Huskisson for a look around. We found moorings just off the town. We picked a difficult mooring and ended up dropping the boat hook. Fortunately it floats so once it was retrieved and we were safely tied up we took the dinghy into the little harbour. We were told later by the Port workers that we had picked up a private mooring of dubious integrity and they pointed out the 3 other public moorings that they were in the process of servicing.

We took a long dinghy ride to explore Currambene Creek. I seemed to go on forever with hundreds of boats moored fore and aft, especially Seawind Catamarans. In case you hadn't gathered I don't like Seawind Catamarans.

We returned to town and had a brief look around as well as picking up a few supplies. The wind had picked up so we set off for Bindijine Beach on the East side of the Bay. We thought this would be a good anchorage for the predicted NW wind. However, we changed our mind and headed further north to Callala Bay, passing nearly right through a Navy Helicopter exercise in hovering for Search and Rescue. We looked at the free public mooring in Callala Bay but elected to move further east to the top of Hare Bay to get more seclusion. We anchored off Red Point close to the beach.

Lea decided to have a serious fish but was unsuccessful. I changed over the saltwater anchor wash down hose that was leaking. I then had a go at fishing and caught 2 little yellowtail. As they were not big enough to eat we settled for canned tuna casserole.

Thursday 21st March

Morning swim (cold) then off for a long walk on the beach into town. Lea found a fishing tackle shop and told the proprietor that she had not caught a fish yesterday and requested that he (the proprietor) supply her with the necessary stuff to ensure that she caught a fish today! I stayed quiet.

Friday 22nd March

The wind was due to change overnight, putting us on a lee shore so I downloaded an anchor watch IPhone app called Drag Queen to wake us up when the wind changed and altered our position. Lea thought I had been visiting porn sites. Anyway Drag Queen dutifully woke us up when the wind changed and we made sure the anchor was still holding well. We had a day of swimming and sewing, renewing the stitching of the canvas covers around the back of the boat which were all deteriorating due to UV degeneration.

Later in the day the clouds moved in and began to look threatening so we up anchored and headed back to Hole in the Wall followed by our new neighbour Kintail. We just managed to pick up a mooring before the rain started and lightning lit up the sky over where we had come from. The storm passed during the night.